Bagshot, Surrey, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 CLARK, Frances Mary  Bef 27 Feb 1831Bagshot, Surrey, England I288 Barrett-7990 
2 CLARK, Mary  Bef 15 Apr 1859Bagshot, Surrey, England I600 Barrett-7990 
3 CLARKE, Alfred  01 May 1850Bagshot, Surrey, England I1433 Barrett-7990 
4 CLARKE, Alice Bertha  16 Jul 1884Bagshot, Surrey, England I1083 Barrett-7990 
5 CLARKE, Anne  1838Bagshot, Surrey, England I357 Barrett-7990 
6 CLARKE, Bertie Albert  20 Jun 1888Bagshot, Surrey, England I920 Barrett-7990 
7 CLARKE, Charles  15 Mar 1839Bagshot, Surrey, England I1347 Barrett-7990 
8 CLARKE, David  Nov 1809Bagshot, Surrey, England I122 Barrett-7990 
9 CLARKE, Edwin  Bef 21 Jul 1844Bagshot, Surrey, England I380 Barrett-7990 
10 CLARKE, Ellen  1845Bagshot, Surrey, England I462 Barrett-7990 
11 CLARKE, Emma  1846Bagshot, Surrey, England I870 Barrett-7990 
12 CLARKE, Ernest Alfred  16 Jan 1886Bagshot, Surrey, England I458 Barrett-7990 
13 CLARKE, George  1845Bagshot, Surrey, England I1490 Barrett-7990 
14 CLARKE, Isaac  03 Sep 1812Bagshot, Surrey, England I281 Barrett-7990 
15 CLARKE, Jack  1846Bagshot, Surrey, England I714 Barrett-7990 
16 CLARKE, Jane  Abt Oct 1836Bagshot, Surrey, England I921 Barrett-7990 
17 CLARKE, Leonard Thomas  24 Jul 1894Bagshot, Surrey, England I177 Barrett-7990 
18 CLARKE, Mary  Abt 1858Bagshot, Surrey, England I1524 Barrett-7990 
19 CLARKE, Richard  Nov 1805Bagshot, Surrey, England I2 Barrett-7990 
20 CLARKE, Richard  Bef 18 Jul 1841Bagshot, Surrey, England I1343 Barrett-7990 
21 CLARKE, Stephen  May 1808Bagshot, Surrey, England I643 Barrett-7990 
22 CLARKE, Stephen  Bef 12 Jan 1855Bagshot, Surrey, England I1310 Barrett-7990 
23 CLARKE, William  Bef 2 Jul 1837Bagshot, Surrey, England I982 Barrett-7990 
24 CLARKE, William  1849Bagshot, Surrey, England I1145 Barrett-7990 
25 DRAPER, Hannah  Abt 1843Bagshot, Surrey, England I1062 Barrett-7990 
26 DRAPER, Henry Jr  1828Bagshot, Surrey, England I1424 Barrett-7990 
27 DRAPER, Mary Ann  Apr 1859Bagshot, Surrey, England I656 Barrett-7990 
28 GATFIELD, John  1863Bagshot, Surrey, England I205 Barrett-7990 
29 HAMMOND, Ada May  Abt 1877Bagshot, Surrey, England I260 Barrett-7990 
30 HAMMOND, Alice Mary  1875Bagshot, Surrey, England I44 Barrett-7990 
31 HAMMOND, Amelia  Oct 1883Bagshot, Surrey, England I452 Barrett-7990 
32 HAMMOND, Beatrice Emma  Abt 1870Bagshot, Surrey, England I6 Barrett-7990 
33 HAMMOND, Bertie  Jul 1877Bagshot, Surrey, England I247 Barrett-7990 
34 HAMMOND, Charles  Abt 1860Bagshot, Surrey, England I1103 Barrett-7990 
35 HAMMOND, Charlotte  Bef 21 May 1848Bagshot, Surrey, England I1071 Barrett-7990 
36 HAMMOND, David  Bef 15 May 1825Bagshot, Surrey, England I1120 Barrett-7990 
37 HAMMOND, Edward  Bef 29 Mar 1829Bagshot, Surrey, England I895 Barrett-7990 
38 HAMMOND, Eliza  Abt 1864Bagshot, Surrey, England I1541 Barrett-7990 
39 HAMMOND, Elizabeth  Abt 1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I1517 Barrett-7990 
40 HAMMOND, Elizabeth Rose  08 Oct 1873Bagshot, Surrey, England I451 Barrett-7990 
41 HAMMOND, Ernest Joseph  Oct 1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I1244 Barrett-7990 
42 HAMMOND, George  Oct 1840Bagshot, Surrey, England I593 Barrett-7990 
43 HAMMOND, Harry Henry J  06 Sep 1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I616 Barrett-7990 
44 HAMMOND, Henry  Abt 1867Bagshot, Surrey, England I1518 Barrett-7990 
45 HAMMOND, Jane  07 Feb 1823Bagshot, Surrey, England I603 Barrett-7990 
46 HAMMOND, John Frank  Abt 1879Bagshot, Surrey, England I1091 Barrett-7990 
47 HAMMOND, Mary  Abt 1862Bagshot, Surrey, England I1540 Barrett-7990 
48 HAMMOND, Mary Ann  Abt 1831Bagshot, Surrey, England I529 Barrett-7990 
49 HAMMOND, Nellie Francis  21 Dec 1879Bagshot, Surrey, England I391 Barrett-7990 
50 HAMMOND, Norah Kathleen  1882Bagshot, Surrey, England I617 Barrett-7990 
51 HAMMOND, Peter James  Jun 1874Bagshot, Surrey, England I274 Barrett-7990 
52 HAMMOND, Rosannah  Abt 1866Bagshot, Surrey, England I1578 Barrett-7990 
53 HAMMOND, Sarah  Bef 27 Oct 1833Bagshot, Surrey, England I279 Barrett-7990 
54 HAMMOND, Susan  23 Sep 1863Bagshot, Surrey, England I660 Barrett-7990 
55 HAMMOND, Thomas  Jan 1838Bagshot, Surrey, England I1082 Barrett-7990 
56 HAMMOND, Thomas George  1865Bagshot, Surrey, England I862 Barrett-7990 
57 HAMMOND, Thomas William  Abt 1866Bagshot, Surrey, England I4 Barrett-7990 
58 HAMMOND, Timothy Bob  Abt 1872Bagshot, Surrey, England I1152 Barrett-7990 
59 HAMMOND, Walter Sidney  Abt 1886Bagshot, Surrey, England I669 Barrett-7990 
60 HOCKLEY, Alice  Abt 1883Bagshot, Surrey, England I1586 Barrett-7990 
61 HOCKLEY, Allise  Abt 1864Bagshot, Surrey, England I267 Barrett-7990 
62 HOCKLEY, Charles  Bef 26 Feb 1854Bagshot, Surrey, England I1328 Barrett-7990 
63 HOCKLEY, Clara Jane  Bef 24 Feb 1856Bagshot, Surrey, England I873 Barrett-7990 
64 HOCKLEY, David  Bef 18 Oct 1846Bagshot, Surrey, England I1158 Barrett-7990 
65 HOCKLEY, Edward Thomas  Jul 1848Bagshot, Surrey, England I545 Barrett-7990 
66 HOCKLEY, Ellen  Abt 1880Bagshot, Surrey, England I1585 Barrett-7990 
67 HOCKLEY, Frederick George  Bef 25 Feb 1858Bagshot, Surrey, England I918 Barrett-7990 
68 HOCKLEY, Samuel  Bef 26 Feb 1860Bagshot, Surrey, England I476 Barrett-7990 
69 HOCKLEY, Selina (Sabina?)  06 Nov 1850Bagshot, Surrey, England I258 Barrett-7990 
70 HOCKLEY, Susan Bertha  16 Nov 1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I1058 Barrett-7990 
71 HOCKLEY, Thomas  15 Apr 1820Bagshot, Surrey, England I377 Barrett-7990 
72 HOCKLEY, Thomas  Bef 25 Apr 1852Bagshot, Surrey, England I730 Barrett-7990 
73 NORTH, Albert  Abt 1877Bagshot, Surrey, England I335 Barrett-7990 
74 NORTH, Edith  Abt 1884Bagshot, Surrey, England I936 Barrett-7990 
75 NORTH, Emily Louisa  11 Feb 1892Bagshot, Surrey, England I248 Barrett-7990 
76 TAYLOR, Caroline Matilda  Abt 1806Bagshot, Surrey, England I526 Barrett-7990 
77 TEMPLE, Charlotte Mary  05 Apr 1801Bagshot, Surrey, England I1026 Barrett-7990 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 CLARKE, Alice Bertha  9 Sep 1884Bagshot, Surrey, England I1083 Barrett-7990 
2 TEMPLE, Charlotte Mary  15 Apr 1801Bagshot, Surrey, England I1026 Barrett-7990 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BACHELOUR, Ann  14 Jan 1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I379 Barrett-7990 
2 CLARKE, Alfred  10 Feb 1903Bagshot, Surrey, England I1433 Barrett-7990 
3 CLARKE, Eric Leonard  15 Nov 2009Bagshot, Surrey, England I597 Barrett-7990 
4 CLARKE, James  14 Jan 1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I604 Barrett-7990 
5 CLARKE, Leonard Thomas  24 Mar 1962Bagshot, Surrey, England I177 Barrett-7990 
6 CLARKE, Richard  Bef 28 Aug 1872Bagshot, Surrey, England I2 Barrett-7990 
7 GATFIELD, James  16 Apr 1895Bagshot, Surrey, England I1402 Barrett-7990 
8 GATFIELD, John  14 Feb 1935Bagshot, Surrey, England I205 Barrett-7990 
9 HAMMOND, Charlotte  Apr 1857Bagshot, Surrey, England I1071 Barrett-7990 
10 HOCKLEY, John  09 Aug 1835Bagshot, Surrey, England I1432 Barrett-7990 
11 HOCKLEY, Samuel  Bef 16 May 1860Bagshot, Surrey, England I476 Barrett-7990 
12 HOCKLEY, Selina (Sabina?)  21 Mar 1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I258 Barrett-7990 
13 HOCKLEY, Susan Bertha  12 Apr 1938Bagshot, Surrey, England I1058 Barrett-7990 
14 RESTALL, Mary  Bef 22 Dec 1838Bagshot, Surrey, England I257 Barrett-7990 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 (HAMMOND), Elizabeth  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I47 Barrett-7990 
2 CLARKE, Alfred  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I1433 Barrett-7990 
3 CLARKE, Alice Bertha  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I1083 Barrett-7990 
4 CLARKE, Anne  1841Bagshot, Surrey, England I357 Barrett-7990 
5 CLARKE, Bertie Albert  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I920 Barrett-7990 
6 CLARKE, Ernest Alfred  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I458 Barrett-7990 
7 CLARKE, George  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I18 Barrett-7990 
8 CLARKE, Isaac  1841Bagshot, Surrey, England I281 Barrett-7990 
9 CLARKE, Isaac  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I281 Barrett-7990 
10 CLARKE, Jack  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I714 Barrett-7990 
11 CLARKE, Richard  1841Bagshot, Surrey, England I1343 Barrett-7990 
12 CLARKE, Richard  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I1343 Barrett-7990 
13 CLARKE, William  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I1145 Barrett-7990 
14 COLLINS, Emma  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I1121 Barrett-7990 
15 COLLINS, William J  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I1587 Barrett-7990 
16 DRAPER, Hannah  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I1062 Barrett-7990 
17 DRAPER, Mary Ann  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I656 Barrett-7990 
18 HAMMOND, Anne Ellen  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I667 Barrett-7990 
19 HAMMOND, Beatrice Emma  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I6 Barrett-7990 
20 HAMMOND, Charles  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I681 Barrett-7990 
21 HAMMOND, Charles  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I681 Barrett-7990 
22 HAMMOND, Charles Felix  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I1184 Barrett-7990 
23 HAMMOND, Charlotte  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I1071 Barrett-7990 
24 HAMMOND, Charlotte  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I1345 Barrett-7990 
25 HAMMOND, Edward  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I895 Barrett-7990 
26 HAMMOND, George  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I593 Barrett-7990 
27 HAMMOND, George  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I593 Barrett-7990 
28 HAMMOND, Isabella Elizabeth  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I893 Barrett-7990 
29 HAMMOND, Sarah  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I279 Barrett-7990 
30 HAMMOND, Susan  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I660 Barrett-7990 
31 HAMMOND, Thomas  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I1082 Barrett-7990 
32 HAMMOND, Thomas  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I1082 Barrett-7990 
33 HAMMOND, Thomas William  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I4 Barrett-7990 
34 HOCKLEY, Alice  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I1586 Barrett-7990 
35 HOCKLEY, Charles  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I1328 Barrett-7990 
36 HOCKLEY, Edward Thomas  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I545 Barrett-7990 
37 HOCKLEY, Ellen  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I1585 Barrett-7990 
38 HOCKLEY, Susan Bertha  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I1058 Barrett-7990 
39 HOCKLEY, Thomas  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I377 Barrett-7990 
40 PERRY, Sarah  1841Bagshot, Surrey, England I386 Barrett-7990 
41 PERRY, Sarah  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I386 Barrett-7990 
42 TEMPLE, Charlotte Mary  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I1026 Barrett-7990 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    MILT    Person ID   Tree 
1 CLARKE, Richard  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I1343 Barrett-7990 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 (DRAPER), Ann  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I184 Barrett-7990 
2 (HAMMOND), Harriet  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I265 Barrett-7990 
3 CLARKE, Alfred  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I1433 Barrett-7990 
4 CLARKE, Alfred  1901Bagshot, Surrey, England I1433 Barrett-7990 
5 CLARKE, Charles  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I1347 Barrett-7990 
6 CLARKE, George  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I1490 Barrett-7990 
7 CLARKE, Isaac  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I281 Barrett-7990 
8 CLARKE, Richard  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I2 Barrett-7990 
9 CLARKE, Richard  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I2 Barrett-7990 
10 CLARKE, Richard  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I2 Barrett-7990 
11 CLARKE, Stephen  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I643 Barrett-7990 
12 CLARKE, Stephen  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I643 Barrett-7990 
13 CLARKE, Stephen  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I1310 Barrett-7990 
14 CLARKE, Stephen  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I643 Barrett-7990 
15 CLARKE, Stephen  1881Bagshot, Surrey, England I643 Barrett-7990 
16 CLARKE, William  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I1459 Barrett-7990 
17 CLARKE, William  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I1143 Barrett-7990 
18 DRAPER, Henry Jr  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I1424 Barrett-7990 
19 DRAPER, Henry Jr  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I1424 Barrett-7990 
20 DRAPER, Mary Ann  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I656 Barrett-7990 
21 HAMMOND, Albert  1881Bagshot, Surrey, England I383 Barrett-7990 
22 HAMMOND, Charles  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I681 Barrett-7990 
23 HAMMOND, Charles  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I681 Barrett-7990 
24 HAMMOND, Charles  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I681 Barrett-7990 
25 HAMMOND, Charles Felix  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I1184 Barrett-7990 
26 HAMMOND, Charles Felix  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I1184 Barrett-7990 
27 HAMMOND, Edward  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I895 Barrett-7990 
28 HAMMOND, George  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I593 Barrett-7990 
29 HAMMOND, George  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I593 Barrett-7990 
30 HAMMOND, John  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I1257 Barrett-7990 
31 HAMMOND, John  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I272 Barrett-7990 
32 HAMMOND, Joseph John Poulter Restal  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I1258 Barrett-7990 
33 HAMMOND, Joseph John Poulter Restal  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I1258 Barrett-7990 
34 HAMMOND, Joseph John Poulter Restal  1881Bagshot, Surrey, England I1258 Barrett-7990 
35 HAMMOND, Lucy  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I682 Barrett-7990 
36 HAMMOND, Mark  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I1333 Barrett-7990 
37 HAMMOND, Peter James  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I274 Barrett-7990 
38 HAMMOND, Susan  1851Bagshot, Surrey, England I1092 Barrett-7990 
39 HAMMOND, Thomas  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I1082 Barrett-7990 
40 HAMMOND, Thomas William  1881Bagshot, Surrey, England I4 Barrett-7990 
41 HAMMOND, Thomas William  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I4 Barrett-7990 
42 HAMMOND, Timothy Bob  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I1152 Barrett-7990 
43 HOCKLEY, Charles  1871Bagshot, Surrey, England I1328 Barrett-7990 
44 HOCKLEY, Charles  1881Bagshot, Surrey, England I1328 Barrett-7990 
45 HOCKLEY, David  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I1158 Barrett-7990 
46 HOCKLEY, Edward Thomas  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I545 Barrett-7990 
47 HOCKLEY, Frederick George  1881Bagshot, Surrey, England I918 Barrett-7990 
48 HOCKLEY, Frederick George  2 Apr 1911Bagshot, Surrey, England I918 Barrett-7990 
49 HOCKLEY, Thomas  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I377 Barrett-7990 
50 HOCKLEY, Thomas  1881Bagshot, Surrey, England I377 Barrett-7990 
51 HOCKLEY, Thomas  1891Bagshot, Surrey, England I377 Barrett-7990 
52 HOCKLEY, William  1861Bagshot, Surrey, England I919 Barrett-7990 

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