Potterne, Wiltshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 HAMPTON, Abel  Feb 1760Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1292 Barrett-7990 
2 HAMPTON, Ann  27 Sep 1756Potterne, Wiltshire, England I17 Barrett-7990 
3 HAMPTON, Ann  30 Sep 1763Potterne, Wiltshire, England I855 Barrett-7990 
4 HAMPTON, Ann  Bef 25 Sep 1796Potterne, Wiltshire, England I334 Barrett-7990 
5 HAMPTON, Ann  23 Jun 1816Potterne, Wiltshire, England I368 Barrett-7990 
6 HAMPTON, Edward  06 Nov 1763Potterne, Wiltshire, England I20 Barrett-7990 
7 HAMPTON, Edward  Bef 25 Sep 1796Potterne, Wiltshire, England I783 Barrett-7990 
8 HAMPTON, Elizabeth  09 Dec 1737Potterne, Wiltshire, England I657 Barrett-7990 
9 HAMPTON, Elizabeth  19 Jun 1762Potterne, Wiltshire, England I53 Barrett-7990 
10 HAMPTON, George  14 Nov 1813Potterne, Wiltshire, England I723 Barrett-7990 
11 HAMPTON, James  05 Jan 1724Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1281 Barrett-7990 
12 HAMPTON, James  04 Nov 1757Potterne, Wiltshire, England I62 Barrett-7990 
13 HAMPTON, James  15 Apr 1785Potterne, Wiltshire, England I932 Barrett-7990 
14 HAMPTON, Jane  01 Aug 1790Potterne, Wiltshire, England I396 Barrett-7990 
15 HAMPTON, Jemimah  1769Potterne, Wiltshire, England I892 Barrett-7990 
16 HAMPTON, Jemimah  26 Oct 1776Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1149 Barrett-7990 
17 HAMPTON, Kezia  11 Feb 1770Potterne, Wiltshire, England I990 Barrett-7990 
18 HAMPTON, Mary  24 Mar 1761Potterne, Wiltshire, England I796 Barrett-7990 
19 HAMPTON, Mary  08 Oct 1809Potterne, Wiltshire, England I465 Barrett-7990 
20 HAMPTON, Mary  Abt 1823Potterne, Wiltshire, England I398 Barrett-7990 
21 HAMPTON, Pitt  26 Mar 1740Potterne, Wiltshire, England I78 Barrett-7990 
22 HAMPTON, Pitt  07 Aug 1756Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1241 Barrett-7990 
23 HAMPTON, Robert  1701Potterne, Wiltshire, England I95 Barrett-7990 
24 HAMPTON, Robert  25 Jan 1734Potterne, Wiltshire, England I938 Barrett-7990 
25 HAMPTON, Robert  04 Nov 1757Potterne, Wiltshire, England I200 Barrett-7990 
26 HAMPTON, Robert  28 Oct 1759Potterne, Wiltshire, England I795 Barrett-7990 
27 HAMPTON, Robert  21 Oct 1787Potterne, Wiltshire, England I512 Barrett-7990 
28 HAMPTON, Robert  16 Nov 1818Potterne, Wiltshire, England I760 Barrett-7990 
29 HAMPTON, William  04 Apr 1728Potterne, Wiltshire, England I271 Barrett-7990 
30 HAMPTON, William  30 Dec 1754Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1213 Barrett-7990 
31 HAMPTON, William  26 Aug 1757Potterne, Wiltshire, England I429 Barrett-7990 
32 HAMPTON, William  23 Jun 1811Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1150 Barrett-7990 
33 HAMPTON, _______  30 Sep 1763Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1332 Barrett-7990 
34 HOWELL, Alice  Abt 1899Potterne, Wiltshire, England I12 Barrett-7990 
35 HOWELL, Benjamin  Bef 17 Feb 1737Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1260 Barrett-7990 
36 HOWELL, Charlotte  Dec 1830Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2232 Barrett-7990 
37 HOWELL, Charlotte  10 Jan 1849Potterne, Wiltshire, England I126 Barrett-7990 
38 HOWELL, Elizabeth Ann  09 Nov 1875Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1338 Barrett-7990 
39 HOWELL, Henry  1800Potterne, Wiltshire, England I570 Barrett-7990 
40 HOWELL, Henry  14 Sep 1855Potterne, Wiltshire, England I943 Barrett-7990 
41 HOWELL, James  1771Potterne, Wiltshire, England I60 Barrett-7990 
42 HOWELL, James  1825Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1012 Barrett-7990 
43 HOWELL, James  07 Apr 1851Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1013 Barrett-7990 
44 HOWELL, Joseph  20 Jan 1858Potterne, Wiltshire, England I341 Barrett-7990 
45 HOWELL, Mary Ann  13 Jun 1862Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1398 Barrett-7990 
46 HOWELL, Mary Jane  Abt 1825Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2399 Barrett-7990 
47 HOWELL, Robert  23 Aug 1846Potterne, Wiltshire, England I744 Barrett-7990 
48 HOWELL, Sarah Jane  02 Mar 1854Potterne, Wiltshire, England I399 Barrett-7990 
49 HOWELL, Susanna  17 Mar 1860Potterne, Wiltshire, England I578 Barrett-7990 
50 HOWELL, Wesley  13 Oct 1864Potterne, Wiltshire, England I945 Barrett-7990 
51 ORCHARD, Georgina Selina  Abt 1839Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1056 Barrett-7990 
52 ORCHARD, Thomas  Abt 1803Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1075 Barrett-7990 
53 PEARCE, Frank  1859Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1681 Barrett-7990 
54 PEARCE, Sarah  1855Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1133 Barrett-7990 
55 PITT, Elizabeth  1701Potterne, Wiltshire, England I86 Barrett-7990 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 FERRIS, Sarah  14 May 1726Potterne, Wiltshire, England I533 Barrett-7990 
2 HAMPTON, Robert  25 Jan 1734Potterne, Wiltshire, England I938 Barrett-7990 
3 HOWELL, Ann Eliza  22 Sep 1839Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2400 Barrett-7990 
4 HOWELL, Anne  17 Dec 1713Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2228 Barrett-7990 
5 HOWELL, Anne  25 Dec 1740Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2222 Barrett-7990 
6 HOWELL, Anne  15 Mar 1778Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2240 Barrett-7990 
7 HOWELL, Benjamin  17 Feb 1737Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1260 Barrett-7990 
8 HOWELL, Benjamin  17 Jul 1808Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2252 Barrett-7990 
9 HOWELL, Benjamin  11 Mar 1830Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2231 Barrett-7990 
10 HOWELL, Charlotte  10 May 1831Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2232 Barrett-7990 
11 HOWELL, Eliza  30 May 1803Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2249 Barrett-7990 
12 HOWELL, Elizabeth  28 Aug 1743Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2223 Barrett-7990 
13 HOWELL, Henry  1 Mar 1801Potterne, Wiltshire, England I570 Barrett-7990 
14 HOWELL, Henry  17 Aug 1828Potterne, Wiltshire, England I525 Barrett-7990 
15 HOWELL, Henry Charles  Jun 1845Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2402 Barrett-7990 
16 HOWELL, James  20 Oct 1771Potterne, Wiltshire, England I60 Barrett-7990 
17 HOWELL, James  29 Mar 1807Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2251 Barrett-7990 
18 HOWELL, Jane  9 Mar 1734Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2221 Barrett-7990 
19 HOWELL, Jonathan  5 Jan 1783Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2242 Barrett-7990 
20 HOWELL, Joseph  4 Jun 1797Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2247 Barrett-7990 
21 HOWELL, Joseph  4 Oct 1826Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1128 Barrett-7990 
22 HOWELL, Mary  12 Jun 1749Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2225 Barrett-7990 
23 HOWELL, Mary Lewes  6 Jan 1805Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2250 Barrett-7990 
24 HOWELL, Rachel  5 Nov 1769Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2239 Barrett-7990 
25 HOWELL, Robert  20 Sep 1846Potterne, Wiltshire, England I744 Barrett-7990 
26 HOWELL, Sarah  13 Apr 1746Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2224 Barrett-7990 
27 HOWELL, Sarah  15 Mar 1778Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2241 Barrett-7990 
28 HOWELL, Sarah Ann  Dec 1841Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2401 Barrett-7990 
29 HOWELL, Susanna  30 Jun 1799Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2248 Barrett-7990 
30 HOWELL, Susannah  22 Jul 1823Potterne, Wiltshire, England I254 Barrett-7990 
31 PITT, Elizabeth  22 Aug 1701Potterne, Wiltshire, England I86 Barrett-7990 
32 WATTS, Charlotte  13 Jul 1800Potterne, Wiltshire, England I974 Barrett-7990 
33 WATTS, Elizabeth  16 Oct 1796Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2235 Barrett-7990 
34 WATTS, Isabella  13 Jul 1800Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2237 Barrett-7990 
35 WATTS, James  20 Jul 1770Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2229 Barrett-7990 
36 WATTS, James  12 May 1805Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2238 Barrett-7990 
37 WATTS, Mary  11 Aug 1793Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2233 Barrett-7990 
38 WATTS, Robert  2 Dec 1798Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2236 Barrett-7990 
39 WATTS, Thomas  7 Feb 1795Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2234 Barrett-7990 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BIGWOOD, Elizabeth  7 Sep 1784Potterne, Wiltshire, England I461 Barrett-7990 
2 HAMPTON, Jemimah  1769Potterne, Wiltshire, England I892 Barrett-7990 
3 HOWELL, Elizabeth Ann  23 Dec 1875Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1338 Barrett-7990 
4 HOWELL, James  23 Jan 1819Potterne, Wiltshire, England I60 Barrett-7990 
5 MIELL (MYALL), Sarah  1801Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1334 Barrett-7990 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 FERRIS, Sarah  13 Nov 1797Potterne, Wiltshire, England I533 Barrett-7990 
2 HAMPTON, Robert  20 Mar 1756Potterne, Wiltshire, England I95 Barrett-7990 
3 HAMPTON, Robert  2 Apr 1798Potterne, Wiltshire, England I938 Barrett-7990 
4 HAMPTON, Robert  5 Mar 1869Potterne, Wiltshire, England I512 Barrett-7990 
5 HOWELL, Benjamin  8 Jan 1796Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1260 Barrett-7990 
6 HOWELL, Benjamin  22 Jun 1831Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2231 Barrett-7990 
7 HOWELL, Charlotte  31 May 1831Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2232 Barrett-7990 
8 HOWELL, Henry  10 May 1831Potterne, Wiltshire, England I570 Barrett-7990 
9 HOWELL, Mary  21 Nov 1750Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2225 Barrett-7990 
10 MINTY, Ruth  4 Dec 1858Potterne, Wiltshire, England I755 Barrett-7990 
11 PEARCE, Jane  8 Dec 1796Potterne, Wiltshire, England I211 Barrett-7990 
12 PITT, Elizabeth  10 Feb 1786Potterne, Wiltshire, England I86 Barrett-7990 
13 WATTS, Charlotte  22 Jun 1832Potterne, Wiltshire, England I974 Barrett-7990 
14 WATTS, James  20 Jun 1842Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2229 Barrett-7990 
15 WHITE, Charlotte  23 Jan 1844Potterne, Wiltshire, England I2230 Barrett-7990 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 HAMPTON, Robert  19 Jan 1753Potterne, Wiltshire, England I938 Barrett-7990 
2 HOWELL, Henry  1830Potterne, Wiltshire, England I570 Barrett-7990 
3 HOWELL, Henry  1891Potterne, Wiltshire, England I943 Barrett-7990 
4 HOWELL, Henry  1901Potterne, Wiltshire, England I943 Barrett-7990 
5 HOWELL, James  1851Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1012 Barrett-7990 
6 HOWELL, James  1861Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1012 Barrett-7990 
7 HOWELL, James  1871Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1012 Barrett-7990 
8 HOWELL, James  1871Potterne, Wiltshire, England I1013 Barrett-7990 
9 HOWELL, Robert  1861Potterne, Wiltshire, England I744 Barrett-7990 
10 HOWELL, Robert  1871Potterne, Wiltshire, England I744 Barrett-7990 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ABBOTT / HOWELL  30 Oct 1880Potterne, Wiltshire, England F219 Barrett-7990 
2 HAMPTON / FERRIS  24 Jan 1754Potterne, Wiltshire, England F233 Barrett-7990 
3 HAMPTON / MINTY  05 Mar 1810Potterne, Wiltshire, England F125 Barrett-7990 
4 HOWELL / BIGWOOD  21 Oct 1733Potterne, Wiltshire, England F70 Barrett-7990 
5 HOWELL / HAMPTON  15 Aug 1846Potterne, Wiltshire, England F256 Barrett-7990 
6 HOWELL / ORCHARD  23 Apr 1874Potterne, Wiltshire, England F186 Barrett-7990 
7 HOWELL / WATTS  14 May 1823Potterne, Wiltshire, England F139 Barrett-7990 
8 NORRIS / HOWELL  9 Jun 1795Potterne, Wiltshire, England F647 Barrett-7990 
9 ORCHARD / FEW  24 Dec 1829Potterne, Wiltshire, England F279 Barrett-7990 
10 PEARCE / UNDERWOOD  10 Jun 1851Potterne, Wiltshire, England F120 Barrett-7990 
11 SUMNER / HOWELL  23 Dec 1779Potterne, Wiltshire, England F653 Barrett-7990 
12 WATTS / GUM  6 Apr 1767Potterne, Wiltshire, England F614 Barrett-7990 

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