Longworth, Berkshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ADAMS, Millicent  30 Aug 1835Longworth, Berkshire, England I1850 Barrett-7990 
2 BALLARD, Elizabeth  1879Longworth, Berkshire, England I1978 Barrett-7990 
3 BALLARD, Richard  1875Longworth, Berkshire, England I1977 Barrett-7990 
4 BALLARD, Walter Eli  6 Jul 1879Longworth, Berkshire, England I1966 Barrett-7990 
5 BARRETT, Anne  24 Jul 1738Longworth, Berkshire, England I378 Barrett-7990 
6 BARRETT, Annie  19 Mar 1883Longworth, Berkshire, England I418 Barrett-7990 
7 BARRETT, Bertha  22 Nov 1884Longworth, Berkshire, England I1047 Barrett-7990 
8 BARRETT, Elizabeth  01 Mar 1740Longworth, Berkshire, England I1060 Barrett-7990 
9 BARRETT, Elizabeth  20 Jun 1742Longworth, Berkshire, England I440 Barrett-7990 
10 BARRETT, Ellen  18 Dec 1878Longworth, Berkshire, England I150 Barrett-7990 
11 BARRETT, Ferberd  17 Nov 1876Longworth, Berkshire, England I1037 Barrett-7990 
12 BARRETT, Harry  08 Oct 1870Longworth, Berkshire, England I214 Barrett-7990 
13 BARRETT, John  Bef 14 Nov 1731Longworth, Berkshire, England I587 Barrett-7990 
14 BARRETT, Jonathan  1734Longworth, Berkshire, England I1435 Barrett-7990 
15 BARRETT, Kate  02 Mar 1881Longworth, Berkshire, England I222 Barrett-7990 
16 BARRETT, Lionel Leander  09 Jan 1897Longworth, Berkshire, England I149 Barrett-7990 
17 BARRETT, Mary  Bef 09 May 1736Longworth, Berkshire, England I606 Barrett-7990 
18 ILES, Blanche  Between Jan 1849 and Mar 1849Longworth, Berkshire, England I207 Barrett-7990 
19 ILES, Merriel  Abt 1843Longworth, Berkshire, England I1467 Barrett-7990 
20 ILES, Selena  Abt 1845Longworth, Berkshire, England I1468 Barrett-7990 
21 ILES, William  Abt 1846Longworth, Berkshire, England I1469 Barrett-7990 
22 RICHINGS, Alfred  1816Longworth, Berkshire, England I421 Barrett-7990 
23 RICHINGS, Alfred J  Abt 1873Longworth, Berkshire, England I1549 Barrett-7990 
24 RICHINGS, Annie  Abt 1883Longworth, Berkshire, England I1589 Barrett-7990 
25 RICHINGS, Arthur  1852Longworth, Berkshire, England I2004 Barrett-7990 
26 RICHINGS, Caleb  1844Longworth, Berkshire, England I2003 Barrett-7990 
27 RICHINGS, Charlotte  1854Longworth, Berkshire, England I910 Barrett-7990 
28 RICHINGS, Clara  Abt 1857Longworth, Berkshire, England I716 Barrett-7990 
29 RICHINGS, Edith A  Abt 1875Longworth, Berkshire, England I1550 Barrett-7990 
30 RICHINGS, Eliza  Oct 1846Longworth, Berkshire, England I594 Barrett-7990 
31 RICHINGS, Ellen  18 Nov 1844Longworth, Berkshire, England I1043 Barrett-7990 
32 RICHINGS, Frank  Abt 1860Longworth, Berkshire, England I296 Barrett-7990 
33 RICHINGS, Frederick Philip R  Between Oct 1867 and Dec 1867Longworth, Berkshire, England I1548 Barrett-7990 
34 RICHINGS, George  1835Longworth, Berkshire, England I1849 Barrett-7990 
35 RICHINGS, Jane  Oct 1842Longworth, Berkshire, England I298 Barrett-7990 
36 RICHINGS, Kezia  Apr 1851Longworth, Berkshire, England I1356 Barrett-7990 
37 RICHINGS, Lydia  1860Longworth, Berkshire, England I1851 Barrett-7990 
38 RICHINGS, Millicent A  Abt 1881Longworth, Berkshire, England I1551 Barrett-7990 
39 RICHINGS, Philip  Jan 1849Longworth, Berkshire, England I173 Barrett-7990 
40 RICHINGS, Samuel  1863Longworth, Berkshire, England I1852 Barrett-7990 
41 RICHINGS, Selina  Abt 1888Longworth, Berkshire, England I1588 Barrett-7990 
42 RICHINGS, Thomas  1838Longworth, Berkshire, England I1195 Barrett-7990 
43 RICHINGS, William  25 Jul 1788Longworth, Berkshire, England I1066 Barrett-7990 
44 RICHINGS, William  1842Longworth, Berkshire, England I2002 Barrett-7990 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 BALLARD, Edward Albert  19 Sep 1869Longworth, Berkshire, England I1964 Barrett-7990 
2 BALLARD, Martha Annie  21 Mar 1875Longworth, Berkshire, England I1965 Barrett-7990 
3 BALLARD, Walter Eli  30 Aug 1879Longworth, Berkshire, England I1966 Barrett-7990 
4 BARRETT, Alfred  28 Dec 1834Longworth, Berkshire, England I2112 Barrett-7990 
5 BARRETT, Ann  20 May 1801Longworth, Berkshire, England I2080 Barrett-7990 
6 BARRETT, Charlotte  5 Apr 1829Longworth, Berkshire, England I2141 Barrett-7990 
7 BARRETT, Eliza  12 Jul 1857Longworth, Berkshire, England I2120 Barrett-7990 
8 BARRETT, Elizabeth  15 Mar 1761Longworth, Berkshire, England I2067 Barrett-7990 
9 BARRETT, Elizabeth  5 Aug 1787Longworth, Berkshire, England I2075 Barrett-7990 
10 BARRETT, Elizabeth  5 May 1833Longworth, Berkshire, England I2144 Barrett-7990 
11 BARRETT, elizabeth  22 Oct 1839Longworth, Berkshire, England I2147 Barrett-7990 
12 BARRETT, Emma  7 Aug 1843Longworth, Berkshire, England I2149 Barrett-7990 
13 BARRETT, Francis  12 Jul 1857Longworth, Berkshire, England I2119 Barrett-7990 
14 BARRETT, George  30 Mar 1851Longworth, Berkshire, England I2117 Barrett-7990 
15 BARRETT, Hannah  5 Aug 1827Longworth, Berkshire, England I2110 Barrett-7990 
16 BARRETT, John  14 Nov 1731Longworth, Berkshire, England I587 Barrett-7990 
17 BARRETT, John  14 Jul 1756Longworth, Berkshire, England I157 Barrett-7990 
18 BARRETT, John  16 Apr 1758Longworth, Berkshire, England I2066 Barrett-7990 
19 BARRETT, John  6 Dec 1789Longworth, Berkshire, England I2076 Barrett-7990 
20 BARRETT, John  28 Dec 1823Longworth, Berkshire, England I2108 Barrett-7990 
21 BARRETT, John  4 Jul 1859Longworth, Berkshire, England I2121 Barrett-7990 
22 BARRETT, Jonathan  26 Aug 1798Longworth, Berkshire, England I2079 Barrett-7990 
23 BARRETT, Jonathan  15 Apr 1834Longworth, Berkshire, England I2145 Barrett-7990 
24 BARRETT, Joseph  14 Feb 1836Longworth, Berkshire, England I2146 Barrett-7990 
25 BARRETT, Martha  26 Jun 1825Longworth, Berkshire, England I2140 Barrett-7990 
26 BARRETT, Mary  28 Aug 1763Longworth, Berkshire, England I2068 Barrett-7990 
27 BARRETT, Milicent  26 May 1832Longworth, Berkshire, England I2143 Barrett-7990 
28 BARRETT, Phebe  16 Sep 1792Longworth, Berkshire, England I2077 Barrett-7990 
29 BARRETT, Phoebe  20 Feb 1821Longworth, Berkshire, England I2107 Barrett-7990 
30 BARRETT, Rachel  3 Dec 1837Longworth, Berkshire, England I2113 Barrett-7990 
31 BARRETT, Rosetta  17 Jul 1865Longworth, Berkshire, England I2122 Barrett-7990 
32 BARRETT, Sarah  8 Aug 1817Longworth, Berkshire, England I2106 Barrett-7990 
33 BARRETT, Sophia  25 Dec 1825Longworth, Berkshire, England I2109 Barrett-7990 
34 BARRETT, Thomas  18 May 1729Longworth, Berkshire, England I1406 Barrett-7990 
35 BARRETT, Thomas  4 Jan 1756Longworth, Berkshire, England I2065 Barrett-7990 
36 BARRETT, Thomas  2 Nov 1794Longworth, Berkshire, England I2078 Barrett-7990 
37 BARRETT, William  4 Jun 1762Longworth, Berkshire, England I439 Barrett-7990 
38 BARRETT, William  15 Jul 1831Longworth, Berkshire, England I2142 Barrett-7990 
39 BARRETT, William  8 Jan 1832Longworth, Berkshire, England I2111 Barrett-7990 
40 BARRETT, William  27 Sep 1840Longworth, Berkshire, England I2148 Barrett-7990 
41 BARTLETT, Elizabeth  10 Nov 1736Longworth, Berkshire, England I2036 Barrett-7990 
42 HUDSON, Charles  12 May 1822Longworth, Berkshire, England I2151 Barrett-7990 
43 PAINTON, Milicent  13 Jun 1802Longworth, Berkshire, England I2139 Barrett-7990 
44 RICHINGS, Elizabeth  5 May 1765Longworth, Berkshire, England I2039 Barrett-7990 
45 RICHINGS, Elizabeth  5 Jun 1791Longworth, Berkshire, England I2032 Barrett-7990 
46 RICHINGS, Emily  20 Jan 1833Longworth, Berkshire, England I2000 Barrett-7990 
47 RICHINGS, George  5 Jan 1836Longworth, Berkshire, England I1849 Barrett-7990 
48 RICHINGS, James  5 May 1771Longworth, Berkshire, England I2040 Barrett-7990 
49 RICHINGS, Jane  9 May 1773Longworth, Berkshire, England I2041 Barrett-7990 
50 RICHINGS, Jesse  29 Dec 1822Longworth, Berkshire, England I1997 Barrett-7990 
51 RICHINGS, John  10 Apr 1763Longworth, Berkshire, England I1006 Barrett-7990 
52 RICHINGS, John  31 Aug 1794Longworth, Berkshire, England I2033 Barrett-7990 
53 RICHINGS, Mary  23 Nov 1760Longworth, Berkshire, England I2038 Barrett-7990 
54 RICHINGS, Mary Ann  29 May 1825Longworth, Berkshire, England I1998 Barrett-7990 
55 RICHINGS, Sarah  25 Apr 1825Longworth, Berkshire, England I1999 Barrett-7990 
56 RICHINGS, Thomas  6 Apr 1776Longworth, Berkshire, England I2042 Barrett-7990 
57 RICHINGS, Thomas  27 Aug 1797Longworth, Berkshire, England I2034 Barrett-7990 
58 RICHINGS, William  5 Aug 1759Longworth, Berkshire, England I2037 Barrett-7990 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAKER, Sarah  10 Jul 1742Longworth, Berkshire, England I1059 Barrett-7990 
2 BARRETT, Elizabeth  01 Apr 1741Longworth, Berkshire, England I1060 Barrett-7990 
3 BARRETT, Elizabeth  22 Jul 1742Longworth, Berkshire, England I440 Barrett-7990 
4 INNES, Dorothy  1870Longworth, Berkshire, England I183 Barrett-7990 
5 RICHINGS, John  Longworth, Berkshire, England I1006 Barrett-7990 
6 RICHINGS, William  01 Feb 1837Longworth, Berkshire, England I1066 Barrett-7990 
7 SAWYER, Mary  16 May 1739Longworth, Berkshire, England I155 Barrett-7990 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 BARRETT, Ann  24 Jun 1832Longworth, Berkshire, England I2080 Barrett-7990 
2 BARRETT, Anne  15 Jun 1764Longworth, Berkshire, England I378 Barrett-7990 
3 BARRETT, Elizabeth  9 May 1833Longworth, Berkshire, England I2144 Barrett-7990 
4 BARRETT, elizabeth  25 Oct 1839Longworth, Berkshire, England I2147 Barrett-7990 
5 BARRETT, John  31 Jul 1891Longworth, Berkshire, England I2108 Barrett-7990 
6 BARRETT, Jonathan  21 Apr 1835Longworth, Berkshire, England I2145 Barrett-7990 
7 BARRETT, Jonathan  7 Feb 1858Longworth, Berkshire, England I2079 Barrett-7990 
8 BARRETT, Joseph  12 Sep 1851Longworth, Berkshire, England I2146 Barrett-7990 
9 BARRETT, Milicent  31 May 1832Longworth, Berkshire, England I2143 Barrett-7990 
10 BARRETT, Rachel  22 Mar 1839Longworth, Berkshire, England I2113 Barrett-7990 
11 BARRETT, Sophia  3 Aug 1826Longworth, Berkshire, England I2109 Barrett-7990 
12 BARRETT, Thomas  18 Nov 1769Longworth, Berkshire, England I1039 Barrett-7990 
13 BARRETT, William  20 Jul 1831Longworth, Berkshire, England I2142 Barrett-7990 
14 JONES, Elizabeth  16 Jun 1840Longworth, Berkshire, England I394 Barrett-7990 
15 PAINTON, Milicent  5 Nov 1881Longworth, Berkshire, England I2139 Barrett-7990 
16 PRYOR, Eleanor  19 Aug 1892Longworth, Berkshire, England I2116 Barrett-7990 
17 RICHINGS, John  16 May 1834Longworth, Berkshire, England I1006 Barrett-7990 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 BRISTOW, Ann  1851Longworth, Berkshire, England I250 Barrett-7990 
2 ILES, Blanche  1851Longworth, Berkshire, England I207 Barrett-7990 
3 ILES, Merriel  1851Longworth, Berkshire, England I1467 Barrett-7990 
4 ILES, Selena  1851Longworth, Berkshire, England I1468 Barrett-7990 
5 ILES, William  1851Longworth, Berkshire, England I1469 Barrett-7990 
6 LEGG, Millicent  1851Longworth, Berkshire, England I427 Barrett-7990 
7 RICHINGS, Alfred  1851Longworth, Berkshire, England I421 Barrett-7990 
8 RICHINGS, Alfred J  2 Apr 1911Longworth, Berkshire, England I1549 Barrett-7990 
9 RICHINGS, George  1851Longworth, Berkshire, England I1849 Barrett-7990 
10 RICHINGS, Jane  1851Longworth, Berkshire, England I298 Barrett-7990 
11 RICHINGS, Philip  1851Longworth, Berkshire, England I173 Barrett-7990 
12 RICHINGS, Philip  2 Apr 1911Longworth, Berkshire, England I173 Barrett-7990 
13 RICHINGS, Thomas  1851Longworth, Berkshire, England I1195 Barrett-7990 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 ILES, William  1971Longworth, Berkshire, England I866 Barrett-7990 
2 LEGG, Millicent  1871Longworth, Berkshire, England I427 Barrett-7990 
3 RICHINGS, Alfred  1851Longworth, Berkshire, England I421 Barrett-7990 
4 RICHINGS, Alfred  1861Longworth, Berkshire, England I421 Barrett-7990 
5 RICHINGS, Alfred J  1891Longworth, Berkshire, England I1549 Barrett-7990 
6 RICHINGS, Clara  1881Longworth, Berkshire, England I716 Barrett-7990 
7 RICHINGS, Frank  1891Longworth, Berkshire, England I296 Barrett-7990 
8 RICHINGS, Frederick Philip R  1881Longworth, Berkshire, England I1548 Barrett-7990 
9 RICHINGS, Philip  1871Longworth, Berkshire, England I173 Barrett-7990 
10 RICHINGS, Philip  1891Longworth, Berkshire, England I173 Barrett-7990 
11 RICHINGS, Philip  2 Apr 1911Longworth, Berkshire, England I173 Barrett-7990 
12 RICHINGS, Thomas  1851Longworth, Berkshire, England I1195 Barrett-7990 
13 RICHINGS, Thomas  1871Longworth, Berkshire, England I1195 Barrett-7990 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BARRETT / PAINTON  14 Sep 1824Longworth, Berkshire, England F586 Barrett-7990 
2 BARRETT / RICHINGS  03 Feb 1866Longworth, Berkshire, England F48 Barrett-7990 
3 HUDSON / BARRETT  7 Feb 1822Longworth, Berkshire, England F587 Barrett-7990 
4 RICHINGS / ADAMS  1 Aug 1859Longworth, Berkshire, England F510 Barrett-7990 
5 RICHINGS / BARTLETT  13 Jul 1758Longworth, Berkshire, England F559 Barrett-7990 
6 RICHINGS / INNES  6 Jan 1812Longworth, Berkshire, England F278 Barrett-7990 
7 RICHINGS / LEGG  26 Nov 1836Longworth, Berkshire, England F98 Barrett-7990 

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